The best laid plans….

I thought it would be plain sailing once I had all four parts fitting together and that putting the mechanism in would be relatively easy. In anticipation of this, I sprayed the four sections with an etch primer.

I then put three of the sections together and started to install the structure that will house the spinning mechanism.

However, with this structure installed, the last section no longer fits but when I take it out it does.

Somehow the structure for the spinning mechanism is making the entire sculpture twist and warp so I am going to have to find a way of stopping this happening. All very annoying as I thought I was on the home run and now I will have sleepless nights until I work out a solution!

In addition, having given all the sections a coat of etch primer, I have noticed lots of small holes that will need filling. This is something I have never experienced before and I am going to work out whether it is quicker to fill them all or re-cast the sections.

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