Putting all the parts together

Now that all the quarters are painted, it all needs to be put together. As my studio space does not have large enough doors to get the sculpture out once it is in one piece, I have decided to bring it in parts to Bath where I can use one of the university’s art studio spaces that is now vacant. My good friend Matt Robertson has helped me by coming in the Luton van I had hired to collect everything from Buckinghamshire, loading it all in and unloading it in Bath.

Now everything is here, the quarters can be glued and bolted together and one of our brilliant sculpture graduates, Lucrezia Bracci, is helping me as I can no longer do this on my own.

Once three of the quarters are together, we add the middle section of the fourth quarter before installing the spinning mechanism. Once all the parts for this are inside, we glue in the last parts of the fourth quarter.

And it’s now complete. There a few small scratches that necessitate some repainting but it is now ready to be transported to Broomhill.

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