Installing at Broomhill

The Broomhill Spinning Sculpture is now installed and ready to be spun. Having had a set back with the sculpture not fitting in the 4.5 tonne truck that had been hired, it did fit on the flat bed truck hired on the next day. A huge thanks to Tollgate Hire for supplying the trucks and being so considerate for what was my mistake.

Very fortunately, the amazing porters at Bath Spa University helped with the loading and my now assistant Lucrezia and I made the journey down to Broomhill with me wondering how we were going to unload without the porters to help. I need not have worried as Rinus and Paul were there to help us and Paul brilliantly constructed a ramp that we used to roll the sculpture off the truck.

The next task was to bore the hole into which the large tube that provides the base for the sculpture would be sunk. Greg, whose company Diamond Drilling is based in Barnstable, had already visited and drilled a 77mm absolutely vertical hole in the concrete that was already there. We then needed to bore out a further 80cm depth of the earth and for this we used a hand made auger that Simon Butler, our brilliant metalwork technician, had kindly built.

Once enough earth had been removed, we knocked in the 3 inch tube and the sculpture was ready to be installed. Once it was upright on the tube in the ground, the 2 metres of tube that I had made to fit inside the 3 inch tube dropped down and the sculpture was standing.

Thanks to Lucrezia, Paul and Rinus for all the help getting it in place.

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