Karolin Schwab

Using site specific installation and sculpture, Karolin Schwab explores different ideas of how we perceive a landscape as well as the space and the relationship between the viewer and their ever-changing environment. After studying Fine Art at the University of East London (2013) and the University of Arts Berlin (2016) she participated in manifold international exhibitions and residencies in China, Switzerland and USA amongst others. In 2019 she received the Gilbert Bayes Award and became a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors. Currently she splits her time between London and Berlin, and soon will go on to a 4 month residency in Denmark as recipient of the MALT AIR scholarship.

making is thinking.

cutting, glueing, nailing, moving, lifting, shifting, assembling, bending, drilling, filling, sanding, sanding, sanding, almost stroking, asking, how sleek can this surface ever be?should it be?what is a sympathetic flaw and what is a mistake?how much space do I allow the material?  and myself? making is thinking.    

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