Šárka Darton

Šárka Darton is a Czech-born artist and designer, whose multimedia practice explores the relationships between people, places and architecture; examining the notion of identity in the context of our occupation of ever-changing space and time. Šárka started her studies in the Czech Republic before winning an academic scholarship to Dresden School of Art and Design, Germany. In 2015 she graduated and was awarded a MFA (Master of Fine Art) from West Dean College, University of Sussex, UK. Since graduating her work has won several prestigious international awards and is now being held in private and corporate collections worldwide. Sponsor: Falcon Fabrics Ltd

Light in weight- playful in nature

As the sculpture develops, multiple thoughts and correlations spring to mind. Emulating the lightness of soap bubbles, which are effortlessly reflecting the colour spectrum of white light as well as their environments, ‘The Alchemy of Light’ is also lightly and playfully “floating” in the air, reflecting the ever-changing time and space that we occupy.

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