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Installing at Broomhill

The Broomhill Spinning Sculpture is now installed and ready to be spun. Having had a set back with the sculpture not fitting in the 4.5 tonne truck that had been hired, it did fit on the flat bed truck hired on the next day. A huge thanks to Tollgate Hire for supplying the trucks and …

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Now back on track – adding the colour scheme

Now that I have all the parts ready I am able to start painting the four sections. This is quite complicated as each pair of sections have 8 colours. Here are the first two which takes two days. And I then can paint the second pair which also takes two days.


When a new piece of work is born, it always takes me some time to get to truly know it. With few days passed from the actual installation day, I am back in Sussex looking through the kaleidoscope of images I took through out the process. It has been an incredible journey of multiple up …

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The best laid plans….

I thought it would be plain sailing once I had all four parts fitting together and that putting the mechanism in would be relatively easy. In anticipation of this, I sprayed the four sections with an etch primer. I then put three of the sections together and started to install the structure that will house …

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finally. happy end.

So, eventually the sculpture left London in pouring rain and it arrived at Broomhill in pouring rain. However, you know they say that rain on a weeding day means good luck? I’m pretty sure that also applies to installation days. Just as we started digging the hole for the foundation the sun came out and …

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