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Journey is now installed in a beautiful spot at the sculpture park. The greenery is the perfect backdrop for my piece and I am really happy with the way this has turned out! Been a great experience and thanks so much to the Broomhill team for everything! Below are a couple of shots of my …

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Installation day

I was most deeply moved by the warm welcome and the kind and untiring support I have received at Broomhill. The place is absolutely magical. A huge thank you to Paul the technician, whose bravery, skills and expertise insured that the sculpture is now perfectly and securely placed. Big thank you also to “Mr&Mrs Broomhill” …

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priceless moments…

…. like this one make being an artist such an exciting job. No matter how much experience you have – there’s always something that doesn’t quite work out the way you planed it. This time I learned that it is not my imagination or skills that limit how big my sculptures can be, but it …

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Putting it all together

I now have all four sections of the sculpture and am putting them together so that the fit well together. Once I have made the joins fit exactly I will start work on the internal architecture that will hold the spinning mechanism.

All done!!!

Quick signature and Journey is ready for its Journey to Broomhill for installation next week!

Finishing touches

Here I put the sculpture onto the base using a stainless steel dowel. The base I already had left over from a previous piece. Then I spend one more day neatening up the forms whilst Willie my rescue lurcher/studio assistant enjoys the sun.